Our promise

We do not just say that we make furniture that future generations can enjoy. We mean it! That is why we will make you a promise: 1 tree, 10 weeks, 100 years. Below you can read all about what we mean by that.

Wood is a very sustainable material. That is, if we agree to do two things together.


First, we make sure that for every tree we use whilst making furniture, we plant one back. We do this together with trees for all.


But that is not enough! A tree needs time. I can take 20 years of more before a tree has grown to its full size again. So if your wooden furniture is older than 20 years, you are helping the environment while at the same time enjoying a piece of quality furniture. So we promise to make furniture that will last you more than 20 years easily.

We would like you to enjoy our furniture for a very long time. And we understand that perhaps you need a little bit more time to really ponder your purchase with us, because we want you to be as sure about it in 20 years as you are now.


That is why with Family W we extend your right of withdrawal to 10 weeks.  In that way you can make sure you are happy. And when you are happy, we are too.

Should you choose to send back the piece of furniture you bought we are happy to take it back, no questions asked. We do ask you however to cover the cost of returning the item to us. And of course we will refund you within 14 days after the item has been returned.

We make furniture that loves to grow old. At least a century! That is why we give you a 100 year warranty on your purchase.


But what does this warranty entail exactly? Well, let's make a deal: We take good care of the item when we make it, you take good care of it when you use it. A cabinet that gets a fresh coat of wax every year or so will last you much much longer. It only takes 20 minutes to do and your cabinet would really enjoy it and so will you!

In other words, we cannot give a warranty on a lack of love and attention, but we do give a warranty on the construction of your furniture. If something breaks that should not, just come by, even if it is in a 100 years!

10 weeks

100 years

1 tree