About Family W

We are two brothers, Foppe and Friso Wiersma. We come from Friesland in The Netherlands. In 2017 we founded Family W together. It is a label for furniture that loves to grow old.

Our family is one of entrepreneurs and makers. Our 'pake' (Frisian grandfather) managed a sheltered workshop and our grandfather worked his own tannery.

Our label works together with designers who share our goal: making lovable, sustainable furniture that even future generations can enjoy. The heirlooms of the future.

Friso Wiersma
Creative brother

Friso is a designer and handles the collections of Family W. He studied at the HMC in Amsterdam and the Design Academy Eindhoven where he graduated in 2017 with honours. His first furniture series started Family W.

Foppe Wiersma
Business brother

Foppe studied Law in Leiden and trained diplomats for a number of years. At Family W he takes care of a whole lot: service, production, sales, etc. So the designers can do what they do best: design furniture that loves to grow old.