The Shaker Long case is designed to make use of height. With a length of 2.40 meters it is a big boy, but thanks to its slender shape it is still an elegant cabinet. With three doors and six shelves (three of which can be moved) you can store a lot in it.


The closing mechanism of the cupboard is inspired by Frisian stable doors. Pull the rope protruding from the door and an oak pawl on the inside will rise. The door can now open. Close the door again. Release the rope and gravity will automatically lock the door. Simple and effective.


The cabinet only has front legs and falls over every baseboard. It is made so that it bends slightly backwards. The more you put in it, the more solid it stands. And if you really want to know for sure, just screw it to the wall. Designer Friso Wiersma has also taken this into account.


The cabinet is available in natural oak or in four vibrant colors, from Old red to Gold yellow.

Shaker Long Cabinet

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