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The essence of sustainability

It is not easy to make something simple. But designer Friso Wiersma did just that with the By Hand Collection. The collection to us embodies the essence of sustainable furniture. It unites a timeless and lasting beauty with a rock solid construction. It is truly furniture that can stand the test of time.

Almost forgotten joinery

Some of the wood-on-wood joinery we use has existed for centuries. They were once developed to make your furniture last as long as possible. We use dove-tails, flat grooves and more. Each of them techniques that are time consuming and therefore costly, which is why they are hardly used anymore.

Wood in vibrant colours

The By Hand Collection can also be painted. Some people are surprised by that. "Why would you paint solid oak?" they say. In the past it was not uncommon at all to paint your furniture in vibrant colours. Family W uses traditional milk-paint, rooted in the American Shaker tradition. The milk-paint allows the wood to breath and the colours evoke powerful emotions.

Heirloom Collection

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A simple wooden box

Not long after World War II our 'pake' - our Frysian grandfather -  made a small wooden box. Almost 75 years our family still cherishes this box. It became a family heirloom. But how does something become an heirloom? That is what we wanted to find out with this collection designed by Friso Wiersma.

Timeless quality

Heirlooms have a timeless quality about them. This quality can be found in the simple and elegant design, and perfect proportions. It needs to be beautiful now, and also a 100 years from now. Quality in construction is also an important pillar to us. That is why Friso decided to cleary show the wood-on-wood joinery that lasts for generations.

Furniture filled with memories

Often your furniture houses your most precious memories. Sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. Friso made visible slits in between the doors - it makes opening up the cabinets easy. But it also creates tension: it gives you a glimpse of the memories stored in the cabinet and it invites you to dig deeper.

Plankfurniture Collection

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Limitation spurs creativity

Creativity flourishes when you are being limited. Designer Floris Hovers wanted to make chair out of a single plank of wood. He succeeded and soon a stool and bench followed. For Family W, Floris produces his 'Plankfurniture' in solid oak and beautiful colours like Sea green, Golden yellow, and Twilight grey.

Simplicity and balance

Floris shares the style that we hold dear at Family W. He is always looking for the essence, and finding a balance between function and form. For his Plankfurniture he uses notable black screws. Together with the wooden planks they make up the chair, subtly underlining the furniture's construction.

Designers and makers

Designs by Floris always have a iconic quality about them - not a bad quality for furniture that wants to grow old. Family W and Floris are an excellent fit in that sense. We love designers who know their material through and through. And who can make a thing or two temselves. That is why Floris such stands out as a designer.